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Real Naturo is the essence of naturopathic philosophy and principles outlined to the public in a clear, conscientious way.

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Real Naturo’s holistic yet forward thinking approach makes us unique. We dare to go the extra mile to support natural medicine and transform the health industry. We are here to empower, inspire and co create healthy communities for a large impact.
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Naturopaths Get Real practice results and unlimited support with Naturo Pro

NaturoPro is a community of accredited and registered health professionals.  Pre-dominantly naturopaths, holistic doctors, herbalists and nutritionists.  Please see Real Pro for other holistic health professionals such as osteopaths and psychotherapists.

This is a network for professional holistic education and a community for professional growth and expansion.

Real Naturo is here to:

  1. Set the standard for global holistic naturopathic practice
  2. Create clarity in natural medicine.
  3. Educate, inspire and co-create healthy communities.

7 Reasons to sign up to Naturo Pro

  1. Be part of a community, connect and learn from holistic practitioners all over the world.
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  4. Add value to what you do by being part of a directory of industry leaders and a brand that sets the standard for global holistic health.

What you get?

  1. Access your local clinical group. We run Naturo Clinical Pro “NCP” groups worldwide. So far we have groups forming in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, U.S, Vietnam, Brazil, UK and Spain.
  2. Benefit from a discounted subscription to leading practitioner podcasts. Our invited guests interviews include leaders in the field; Kerry Bone, Jason Hawrelak and Matthew Woods as well as spiritual teachers Bruce Frantzis, Teal Swan and Ray Maor. All video interviews and podcasts available to subscribers.
  3. Gain clients and recognition through our directory. We know how hard you have trained to get this far in practice. It’s time that the public knew too. Real Naturo has a strict eligibility policy to make sure we represent only accredited and registered practitioners.

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