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Are you bamboozled in a world of health with so many conflicting ideas and opinions? Welcome to a resource of natural medicine and techniques that actually work in practice.

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Men’s Health
17th March 2019

Increase testosterone by having more sex but ejaculate less often!

Have you ever come across (pun intended) the expression "keep your seed". Your seed being…
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27th February 2019

How to deal with the “certified” health coach

There are so many shades of grey within the wholistic arena. From traditional degrees, classical…
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5th December 2018

Presence practitioner spiels on cacao- which is not a superfood

https://youtu.be/eTsxn2iBXZw Jeremy Safron founder of Dragon yoga school in Hawaii talks with raw food John from…
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19th December 2017

Natural treatment for constipation

Nearly everything that you go to a conventional doctor for, you can treat naturally with…
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