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For simple health solutions today you need Sass

By 17th July 2018Uncategorised

SASS is Safe & Sustainable Strategies for simple health solutions. With these strategies you will have better health for more energy, greater focus and increased creativity.

The internet is full of confusing and contradictory health information. We bring you what really works straight from our nutritionist and naturopaths, the experts in health based on practice-based evidence.

This is evidence that our naturopathic clinicians have used in hundreds of collective years of naturopathic practice. We bring you proven strategies for health that really work. So you can safely and naturally reclaim your health.

SASS health helps to develop the tools for you to take your power back. Here’s how:

1. CLARITY. We believe that the quest for happiness begins with clarity! We help you to create clarity with simple steps to remove junk in the diet, transform a poor lifestyle to an abundant one and improve psycho-social factors.

2. ACCEPTANCE. What we can not change, we must accept. This is a big step in our program that helps you to accept things exactly as they are on an embodied level not just in the mind.

3. SERVICE being of service to others is the fast track to happiness. So long as we are processing our emotions (owning our shit) along the way. We teach many tricks for this. Eventually service becomes a way of life whether you are a student, a DJ or an entrepreneur.

Lets start back at the top, one step at a time! We know that it’s an unrealistic expectation to be able to help others if we don’t have the means to help ourselves. Bogged down with heath complaints, stuck trying to survive rather than thrive.  A desire to help others is already doomed by the time you’ve made that post on facebook. In fact making that post on facebook is a complacent way to continue to do nothing.

We’re getting real here and so we need a bit of sass to lighten the load.

Sass helps us out of the mass of confusing and contradictory ‘health’  information out there.  Just like Drs are an authority on disease, Naturopaths are an authority on health.

Our ‘Safe, Sustainable Strategies for health’ include tools and techniques to help you get by with more mental clarity and emotional balance.  Examples are breathing exercises, herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle tips.

Experience more of your natural self each day with SASS.

Use real naturo forums, podcasts and news articles as your resource to take your power back, naturally, with SASS.


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