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The controversy of spiritual teachers explained, kinda

By 21st July 2017Blog

Do and don’t of finding a spiritual teacher:

  1. DON’T look. Instead concentrate on making yourself aware (best done through cleansing, inner work and presence practices) and ask source/light/god/truth/power rangers for guidance. Beware there are lots of fakers up there and out here. If your intentions are not pure you can call upon the guidance of darkness that will only ever result in a karmic load. Solution: Be cool.
  2. DO make sure that the teacher has pure intentions of compassion. Not good intentions which are useful but also through ignorance ‘pave the road to hell’. Even if they come across as arrogant (as discussed below) their teachings can still assist the collective whole. A really easy way to suss this is by listening to their language. Are they regurgitating all of the books that they have read. Fluff alert! Or are they neuro-linguistic programming the shit out of you?  These guys are trickier tricksters. Because unlike the former they know that they are doing it! Solution: Find someone who is using their own language, without an act.
  3. DON’T go to someone that lacks true presence.  A good spiritual teacher will know how to transmit knowledge to his students without words. This is called psychic transmission. The level of psychic fluidy correlates with awareness. It takes years to develop and generally doesn’t need to be explained by the teacher. It just is. Solution: You will know that this is taking place because you can feel it in your energetic body when you meditate during their teachings.


We have 8 main energy bodies. The road to consciousness can commence by using any body as a vehicle.

1. Physical body -what we typically associate with human body much of the physical tissue is dense coagulated energy rather than solid matter.

2. Etheric- this is the energy people typically refer to when they say they see auras. The energy that runs through the body that Chinese medicine system work within meridians. It is the living energetic field directly created by the physical body.

3. Emotional body- as one become more perceptive they realise that the thousands of human emotions are specific types of chi (energy) with concrete physical properties.

4. Mental as one become more perceptive they realise that the thousands of human thoughts are specific types of chi (energy) with concrete physical properties.

5. Psychic – this is the realm of mystics and spirits where the mind is no longer physically bound to the body.

6. Karmic- this is the realm of causality.

It is possible that enlightened teachers (real deal gurus) have awakened ALL 6 bodies above. This gives them access to essence and the below energy bodies.

7. Essence – who you are at your core, past all conditioning.

8. The Tao.- the universal consciousness, karma all and everything.

And some wildly unbelievable abilities like; seeing through walls, esoteric travel,  shapeshifting, curing the incurables, reading minds. It can’t be easy being enlightened. I imagine that there’s a big to do list each morning. No wander they are celibate.

Using this concept the majority of spiritual teachers are not fully enlightened.  This is what confuses so many and pushes them away from teachings. They believe that the teacher must be perfect. It’s not so.

Some teachers have reached such a high state in their esoteric body that they can eat junk, smoke and drink booze and it will not effect them energetically. Physically their bodies will suffer but they won’t experience the same pain that a non- esoteric developed person would. Another teacher may be physically strong and spiritually mature but emotionally immature. They will not be able to relate to their student on any other level than teaching. This can leave the student’s emotional body unheard and feed the pain body which is ego.

This makes the spiritual world a funky paradox of contradictions.

Whoever you attract for your spiritual development will be teaching you to see yourself in your perceived projection of their non- enlightened bodies.


Overall remember that this is all just a game, don’t take it so seriously. Have fun on your journey and remember that once you can accept the darkness in yourself, love is all that is left.  With that comes a great deal of humour :).

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