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‘Era healing’ for next level living. DO IT

By 17th July 2017Blog
The Real Naturo definition of medicine is “something that develops your innate power in order to be free”. Free to have good physical, mental and emotional health.

We need to see beyond conventional business of medicine and the new age movement to only advocate medicine that works. With the aim of this game for it to eventually be assessable to all and FREE.


Era healing is a Naturo-therapy and a crucial part of the Naturo method.

There is something quite spectalar occurring that I have witnessed first hand with patients in clinic. I have questioned many times whether this realisation is just new age motions that my mind has confabulated. But it seems not.

The realisation is that we can break free of emotional and karmic moulds.

Era healing is a quick way to release patterns of behaviour that run through family generations. Emotional behaviours such as resentment and terror that are passed down through generations. They reside in the body and manifest in similar genetic disease patterns. We just need to look at the medical history records of second generations of war zones to see the genetic effects.
To clearly accept and let go of what emotions we are holding onto requires going through a great deal of pain in conventional methods of psychology. This is where psychology and psychiatry fail. Some traumas are too painful for the the mind to remember or re-inact. Think of a rape victim or a holocaust survivor. Or even a soldier with post traumatic stress disorder.

What if remembering the story is no longer necessary..

Engaging in the story has never been necessary. This is because all is held in the energetic emotional body. If we can address this directly, the mental body no longer needs to suffer. What is exceptional about Era healing is that it not only affects you directly after one session but it will impact and clear negative emotional patterns from your parents and grand-parent.
Era works on all energy bodies, in particular the karmic body and the emotional body.
Era healing is so important to the Naturo method because all physical manifestations of disease have an emotional or energetic cause. Wholistic healing treats the whole body or all 7 energy bodies.
ERA is currently taught by Lesley Parry. Lesley developed ERA initially, for patients with post traumatic stress disorder after leaving the army. She has since developed a method that all can benefit from.
For more info check out ERA Therapy by Lesley Parry

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