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Journalling. A beautiful art that school kids will greatly benefit form in years to come. It’s a process of expression that allows unnecessary thoughts to be systematically dissolved from brain to hand.

When to write a journal?

It’s great to do after a workout and before meditation.

Burning off adrenaline is the best precursor to writing. The adrenaline fire brings a rhythm of realness to your handy work.  Writing is perfect before meditation because it bins all of the thought clutter. The quieter the mind; the easier it is to reach a calm state of nothingness. Meditation.

Why you must write and not type.

The hand to paper connection, coordinates a response between the left and right brain. This lets your mind relax as your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in. Depending on your mood, you may have to scratch curses through 5 sheets of paper before you get to this point but generally this hypothalamic connection is why journalling can be so therapeutic.

How to write a journal?

Take a few deep breaths to become present to yourself.  Ask yourself ‘how do I feel?’, then start scribbling. Be brually honest, nobody else is going to read this. You’ll likely never even read this. The power is in the process.

Benefits of writing a journal

  • Prevents over expression of emotions – that cringeworthy rant on facebook, or being that weirdo that cries at work.
  • Prevents suppressing emotions – when everything is just “fine.”  “I’m fine”
  • Gives clarity of mind though uncluttering of thoughts – “blah blah bla you’re crap, rubbish, shut up”

Journalling is a type of reflection, it helps you to see yourself. A critical ability of any wholesome person.

Make it special

Remember that anything we give our undivided attention to, has the capacity to become sacred. This is HOW life becomes magic. Appreciating the small moments and doing things from a place of presence, integrity and intention. So treat yourself to a beautiful journal, a sexy pen and a new herbal tea blend to fully enjoy the moment. It’s all we’ve got.


by Chloé Silverman B.H.Sc (Naturopathy). Yoga therapist.

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