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Probiotics: know your strain! by Dr Jason Hawrelak

| Professional | No Comments

Dr Jason Hawrelak is Real Naturo’s go-to for everything probiotics. Up until I started attending his seminars in 2011, the intuitive part of me was very reluctant to use probiotics….

Shout out to all YOGA teachers- it’s action time!

| Naturo Yoga, Uncategorised | No Comments

Real Naturo supports Art to Healing as part of our receive scheme. This is their latest event to put an end to sex slavery. Are you a yoga teacher? A yoga…

The flip side of light-living or a breatharian initiation

| Naturo Lifestyle | No Comments

 When we respect the emotional body by processing emotions adequately, we come to realise that we are capable of thriving without food as nourishment. Those that live a light- lifestyle eat seldom meals…

Iridology introduction video by Dr Morse

| Naturo Medicine | No Comments

Dr Morse is a favourite mentor of all traditional Naturopaths. Here he gives an overview of iridology, as taught by Bernard Jenson, the father of iridology in America.   Dr Morse…

Psychic abilities are not sacred they are just abilities. Banned TED talk

| Mental Health | No Comments

Russell Targ is an American physicist, parapsychologist and author who is best known for his work on remote viewing. in this banned TED talk he explains how you can use…

Dr Joel Wallach explains why we need more salt in the diet

| Naturo Medicine | No Comments

Naturopaths often recommend himalayan salt to patients for many different complaints. The salt story is one of many that requires real education. Dr. Joel Wallach talks about the many conditions…

My inner black man knows ‘what up’!

| Blog | No Comments

Sweating as I walked into my first ever past or ‘other life’ regression, afraid of just how bad I’ve been in other lives. Thinking there must be a reason I’m…

The controversy of spiritual teachers explained, kinda

| Blog | No Comments

Do and don’t of finding a spiritual teacher: DON’T look. Instead concentrate on making yourself aware (best done through cleansing, inner work and presence practices) and ask source/light/god/truth/power rangers for…

‘Era healing’ for next level living. DO IT

| Blog | No Comments

The Real Naturo definition of medicine is “something that develops your innate power in order to be free”. Free to have good health, which of course includes mental health too.  I have…

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